Environmental Policy

Water Protection

Karlovy Vary Airport has long strived to ensure its operations do not adversely affect surface and groundwater in its vicinity. Attention is paid to systems of pre-treatment and wastewater treatment, equipment for storage of chemical substances, storage of oil substances, handling of harmful substances and protection of watercourses.

The company continuously monitors the quality of rainwater drained from the airport area at six free outlets, distributed evenly around the perimeter of the airport. There is also a quality control system of wastewater drained from the new fire station, both sewage from a small wastewater treatment plant, and wastewater from roads and areas around the airport premises and equipment maintenance places emptied into a separator.

The quality of rainwater is significantly influenced by the choice of the type of approved chemical substances used in the winter maintenance of airport movement areas. During this period, the company has preferentially used more expensive, but more environmentally friendly products (Safeway for surfaces and Safewing I, II for aircraft de-icing).

The monitoring of groundwater and surface water quality control, conducted by the company on a regular basis since 2000, confirms that the permitted limits are not being exceeded and there is no emergency situation or leakage of harmful substances as classified by the Water Protection Act.

As part of water law proceedings, the company obtained a new decision at the beginning of 2019 - a permit for the handling of harmful substances and their storage, i.e., substances which are characterised as chemical preparations for de-icing airport areas and aircraft, valid until 31 March 2024.