Passenger Check-in

Security Rules

Principles and Rules of Airport Security Clearance

The airline is responsible for transporting people and baggage. Familiarise yourself with the travel requirements before you set off to the airport. If you have any doubts, contact the airline you are flying with or contact the airport information desk. Arrive at the airport in advance with enough time to allow for smooth check-in of your baggage and subsequent security checks.

Security clearance is an integral part of checking-in for a flight. In order for your check-in to take place as quickly and easily as possible, we ask you to cooperate and work with our staff. Here are some tips and tricks for you:

1. Verify that the items you carry comply with the safety regulation requirements.
2. Prepare your documents, including your boarding pass, before starting the security check.
3. Remove and place electronics and all liquids and gels in individual containers of up to 100ml in volume in a transparent resealable plastic bag. Liquids and gels over 100ml, with the exception of baby food and medicines to be used during the journey, are prohibited from being transported.
4. In addition, put all metal items from your pockets, such as keys, coins, wallets, mobile phones, cigarettes and other similar items into the provided plastic tray. This also applies to your watch, metal belts, outerwear (coats, jackets, blazers, scarves) and headgear (caps, hats, head scarves, etc.)

Wait for a signal from the security officer to pass through the metal detection frame. Please respect any requests for additional checks knowing that this procedure is not directed against you personally. Based on the results of the security check of your personal belongings and baggage, you may also be asked by the security officer to open your baggage or to present any of the items checked for subsequent inspection.

Please be helpful and accept this without reservation. After the security check, be sure to recollect your baggage and any removed items.