Technical Data

Airport Type

Karlovy Vary Airport is a civil public transportation airport for international and domestic traffic. It is an airport for regular, irregular and general aviation traffic. During the hours of operation of the airport, there is a customs and immigration service for passengers and general aviation crew.

Aerodrome Reference Code


Authorised Operations

  • VFR / IFR
  • Day / Night
  • Parachute Activity
  • Glider Traffic – Windtowing, Aerotowing
  • Domestic / International
  • Schengen / Non-Schengen

Local Air Traffic Restrictions

Local air traffic rules are detailed in the AIP CR, section AD 2-LKKV-2.20.

AIP CR, section AD 2-LKKV-2.20(URL)

Airport Data

Airport details are outlines in the AIP CR, section AD 2-LKKV-2.2 to 2.15.

AIP CR, section AD 2-LKKV-2.2 to 2.15 (URL)