Environmental Policy

Airport Environment Committee

The Environment Committee of Karlovy Vary Airport was established by the airport operator to respect the principles of good neighbour relations among all stakeholders and maintain a non-conflict climate upon the development of operations at Karlovy Vary Airport, factoring in the existing airport capacity and applicable civil aviation legislation of the Czech Republic.

Based on the current estimates of Karlovy Vary Airport traffic increases, the airport operator decided to create the Airport Environment Committee platform, which is open to all parties involved in or affected by the Karlovy Vary Airport operation. The purpose of the platform is to promote mutual respect, and information and responsibility sharing to support the development of all partners as well as their beneficial coexistence within the territory concerned.


  • Letiště Karlovy Vary s.r.o. – the Karlovy Vary Airport operator
  • Karlovy Vary Region – the owner of the infrastructure and the sole partner of the Karlovy Vary Airport company. Mutual relations are regulated by the Agreement on Enterprise Lease of and on Civil International Airport Operation
  • Karlovy Vary – a regional and statutory city on the territory of which the airport complex is located, and which is affected by the operation of the airport
  • Olšová Vrata – a city district that is in the immediate vicinity of the airport, and the cadastral area in which the airport is located
  • Surrounding Municipalities – statutory representatives of municipalities affected by the operation of the airport, predominantly local pilot flight training activities
  • Aviation Operators – operators based at Karlovy Vary Airport pursuant to agreements governing their relationships and measures to minimise the impact on the environment in the airport vicinity
  • Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic (ANS CR) – the provider of public air traffic services to users in the airspace of the Czech Republic, incl. Karlovy Vary Airport
  • Other Stakeholders – legal entities that may also be affected by the operation of the airport or carry out their activities within Karlovy Vary Airport, interested in maintaining a conflict-free climate and good neighbourly relations upon the development of airport operations
  • Professional Public – representatives of civil aviation offices in the Czech Republic (the Ministry of Transport, the Department of Civil Aviation, the Civil Aviation Authority), units in the field of environmental protection and independent experts in individual environmental sectors (noise, water, etc.)

Affected Territory

This is an area predominantly affected by local pilot flight training activities. It is located inside a perimeter with a centre above the airport and a radius of 5 NM (Nautical Mile), i.e., 9.26km.