Handling Services

Aircraft Handling

  • loading/unloading of baggage, goods, mail
  • transport of crew and passengers from/to the aircraft
  • pushback
  • supply of aircraft with GPU ground power (maximum 60 min)
  • customs and passport clearance on departure/arrival
  • security check of crew, passengers and their cabin and hold baggage
On Request:
  • operation of aircraft toilet systems
  • supplying drinking water
  • cleaning of aircraft
  • refuse collection from aircraft including the disposal of aircraft engines by ASU
  • de-icing of aircraft mechanically and chemically (liquids: type I – Safewing MP 1 1938 Eco, type II – Safewing MP II Flight)
  • refuelling is operated by TotalEnergies Marketing ČR (JET A-1, AVGAS 100LL) – PAYMENT IS POSSIBLE ONLY BY CREDIT CARD
  • oil / TOTAL AERO D100, D80, DM 15W50
  • anchoring of aircraft (GA aircraft on West stand)
  • water cooling of landing gear
  • catering (delivery of refreshments on board aircraft) through a partner supplier

Handling services are divided into sub-services in the process of handling scheduled or non-scheduled aircraft, which are charged not individually but as a whole.

Prices are listed under the Price Schedule of Services, Point 3 of the Handling Service Chapter.

General aviation (GA) aircraft shall be charged the assistance, which shall be divided according to the aircraft MTOW, as listed in the Price Schedule of Servicesunder the point 3.2.5.

Services not included in individual handling packages of services or listed as on-demand services will be charged according to the Price Schedule of Services, point 5 Pricelist of airport services.

Pricelist and Charges(URL)

Services for Crew upon Aircraft Handling

  • crew lounge (for commercial flight crew members)
  • self-briefing (for GA flight crew members)
  • pre-flight information (route and airport NOTAMs, meteorological data)
  • Internet connection
  • transport from/to the airport / city
  • hotel reservations