Getting to the Airport

Airport Parking

Free parking

There is free short-term and long-term parking at the airport (capacity approx. 85 parking stands) in parking lots P4 and P6, due to increased traffic in the summer months, it cannot be guaranteed that passangers will find a free space here on the day of departure.

Parking with reservation

Parking lots P1(VIP) and P5 offer a parking quarantee at the required time. Reservation of parking spaces on P1 and P5 is subject to a fee.

  • If you are interested to make a reservation of a parking space in VIP parking lot P1 directly in the front of the Airport Terminal, please fill out the following form and send it to the e-mail address The price of the reservation is CZK 968,- per week (8 days). Form DOCX(DOCX) Form PDF(PDF)
  • Parking lot P5 (capacity 86 spaces) is approx. 50 meters from the terminal, the reservation fee is CZK 500,- per week (8days), entry is allowed only for cars with a paid fee (barrier + vehicle registration number). Make parking reservation at P5 by using the button and you will be redirected to the online reservation system and then the payment gateway.

  • In case all parking spaces P5 are fully occupied, the customer will be informed and will be able to reserve parking at the parking area at the Karlovy Vary bus station – Terminal (Tuhnice) by using the button. The fee of weekly parking (8 days) in the parking area is CZK 500,- incl. transportation by shuttle bus to the airport and back.

Short-term parking

The P2 parking lot (15 spaces in the front of the terminal in the second row) is a K+R (kiss and ride) parking lot, used for quick stops to pick up or drop off passengers and their luggage.

Reserved non-public parking

The P3 parking lot is a parking lot reserved for airport employess and it is not accessible to the public.

The parking lots are not guarded. Parking is possible only in marked areas.