Handling - Training Flights

Training flights must be reported in accordance with the relevant provision of the AIP ČR – GEN

Training flights are permitted by the local office of ŘLP ČR s.p. (Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic) together with the airport operator under one of the following conditions:

  • A flight plan is submitted — training flight RMK/TRAINING FLIGHT
  • LARS data is used (registration is required for the MRL)
  • Written request is submitted, namely the ‘Training permit application form’
  • A provable telephone request is made before arrival with the aerodrome operator, mobile telephone: +420 731 195 004

Training Permit Application Form(DOC)

Effective 1 April 2021, training flights will not be charged for assistance unless a crew transport service is provided.

The amount of training fees is 50% of basic landing fees, i.e. CZK150 / 1 MTOW. Discount is provided only on working days, i.e., from Mon-Fri.

In the case of flyby procedure, a fee of CZK100 per 1 flyby is charged for switching on the lighting system.

In case of inquiries, please contact the Handling department at: handling@airport-k-vary.cz, tel. +420 731 195 004, 353 360 611.