Issuance of Clearances for Training Fl. at the KV Airport

Training flights Issuance of Clearances for Training Flights at the Karlovy Vary AirportTraining Flights are allowed by local ATC together with the airport operator according to the following conditions:

a) If a plan has been submitted for a training flight, the operator shall state the fact that it is a training flight in the field 18 as follows: RMK/TRAINING FLIGHT.

b) In case of a training flight without a submitted flight plan the operator shall notify the fact that it is a training flight to ATC and AD operator before the intended flight.

c) The complex coordination of training flights is done by the relevant aerodrome operator.


Except of above mentioned regulations the following procedure is necessitated for night and day flights out of regular working hours (with TWR/APP):
  • It is necessary to send the request for these flights to the airport operator during operational hours 24 hours in advance.

  • The request must contain :
    1. type, registration, MTOW
    2. aircraft operators specifications for accounting
    3. estimated time of training start and end
    4. request for the extension of operating hours
    5. lighting using request

  • Possible planned traffic changes are solved in case of :
    1. the extension of the airport operating hours TWR/APP station together with handling

Updated: 12.05.2021
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