The project Modernization of Karlovy Vary Apt. - I. Stage enters its 2. phase; the Airport runway has been shortened

25.02.2006, 9:19
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Starting on 01.02.2006 building work regarding the project 'Modernization of Karlovy Vary Airport - I. Stage, PCN Improvement of RWY 11-29' entered its 2. phase which followed the completion of the 1. phase preparative construction work which started on 01.11.2005 and included the reinforcement of the access road for soil embankment into eqalizing bank and the creation of the temporary soil depo. The embankment material was transported namely from the nearby mine in Horní Tašovice and the transported and stored soil amount is equal to 2.700 four-axle bulk trucks. In the frame of the 2. construction phase, which should be finished on 16.04.2006, will be completed the topsoil stripping in the amount of 8.500 m3, the RWY surface milling to the extent of 14.250 m2 and the demolition of the concrete desk, which is under the future embankment. This work will be followed by the construction of the embankment in the amount of 36,000 m3, the demolition of the old runway drainage, the construction of the new drainage in the length of 2,900 m, the step-by-step transportation of the 750 four metre long gutters incl. their placing and other works relating to the RWY drainage system.

The building operations mentioned above caused the restrictions of the usable length of the RWY which was shortened by 300 m on 01.02.2006. Howewer, the regularly scheduled CSA airline traffic from Moscow to Karlovy Vary will be sustained within the range of the regular timetable. In exceptional cases a stopover in Prague cannot be excluded - because of refuelling. Relevant information is available in the airport section, LKKV NOTAM.

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