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Regional Karlovy Vary Airport Launches FLY & VISIT Offer for Small Aircraft Owners

Karlovy Vary Airport, part of the backbone network of regional airports in the Czech Republic, has prepared a new attractive package of services called FLY & VISIT, designed for owners and operators of small aircraft, including ultralights, during the current operational season. The service includes a landing fee, aircraft parking for up to 48 hours, handling staff assistance upon arrival and before departure, and transportation to and from the city centre.

"The purpose is to offer the services of a co-ordinated airport to all general aviation enthusiasts in an easy and attractive manner, to support the development of air tourism within our country airspace, and to bring new visitors from all over the Czech Republic to the Karlovy Vary Region," Martin Hurajčík, Karlovy Vary Region Deputy Governor, explained.

Jiří Pos, Karlovy Vary Airport Secretary, added: “The price of this package is CZK 1,150 for aircraft with an MTOW of up to 1,000 kg, and CZK 1,350 for aircraft with an MTOW of up to 2,000 kg, including VAT. To ensure city transfers are ready, reservations are due at least two hours prior to the scheduled arrival at the airport.” During the summer months, airport operating hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. For the entire time, air navigation services are available, alongside handling department dispatch centre, facilities to ensure flight readiness and aircraft refuelling assistance.

Thanks to airport partners, it is possible to secure favourable accommodation deals for demanding clients in Karlovy Vary and Mariánské Lázně using promo codes. “Upon agreement, we can also arrange contractual transport to various locations within the region,” Mr. Pos added.   

The Karlovy Vary Region is the second smallest region in the country, but in terms of monuments, experiences and natural beauty, it is one of the most beautiful. Visitors are attracted not only to the world-famous spa triangle, which, in addition to Karlovy Vary, includes the towns of Mariánské Lázně and Františkovy Lázně, together nominated for the inclusion in the UNESCO list of cultural heritage sites. Spa resorts and hotels currently offer their guests various forms of short wellness stays, based on a traditional use of natural healing resources. “The region also offers a number of important architectural monuments, including Bečov Castle with the unique reliquary of St. Maurus, Loket Castle, and the monastery in Teplá. Moreover, until 31 October 2020, visitors can enjoy free entrance to regional museums and galleries, the Jeroným mine and Drift No. 1 in Jáchymov,” Martin Hurajčík, noted. Last but not least, the Karlovy Vary Region, as the cradle of golf in the Czech Republic, offers the opportunity to play several iconic courses near Karlovy Vary Airport.

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