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Aeroflot returns to Karlovy Vary Airport

12.06.2006, 20:06
| The airport (EN)

Karlovy Vary Airport welcomed the airliner in colours of the biggest russian airline - Aeroflot 30 May 2006, nearly after six years again. It was the airliner A 320 named 'Alexander Glazunov' with the matriculation mark VP-BWI and it was wecomed with the water triumphal arch. ...

The 3. Phase of the I. Stage of Karlovy Vary Airport modernization finished

12.06.2006, 20:04
| The airport (EN)

Karlovy Vary Airport was reopened for the air traffic after more than 80 days 28 May 2006 at 2 p.m. Herewith finished the 3. Phase of building works in the frame of the project 'I. stage of the Airport Karlovy Vary modernization - PCN emprovement of the RWY 11-29 at the LKKV'. ...

To the term of planned restoration of air traffic it only remains 8 days

18.05.2006, 22:00
| The airport (EN)

Current information to work flow ...

Press news : Airport Karlovy Vary started the II. stage of modernization.

12.04.2006, 20:53
| The airport (EN)

The project "Modernization of Karlovy Vary Airport follows the I. stage of the modernization and includes the reconstruction of the airport lighting system which is one of the most important activities from the point of wiew of the reinsurance of the yearly airport availability and for the improvement of provided services and air traffic safety. ...

Press news

12.04.2006, 20:33
| The airport (EN)

Karlovy Vary 23.3.2006 The negotiations among the Karlovy Vary Region, the airport operator and the constructor of the RWY reconstruction in the frame of the project "Modernization of Karlovy Vary Airport - I. Stage" were finished to the present day. ...

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