Karlovy Vary airport's new terminal opened

02.12.2009, 11:13
| The airport (EN)

On 20 May 2009 in attendance of the Regional President PaedDr. Josef Novotny and the Czech Deputy Minister of Transport Ing. Ivo Vykydal a new terminal at the Karlovy Vary airport was opened ceremonially by cutting the tape. This event, attended by about a hundred invited guests, ended the first five years of the airport's operation in the ownership of the Karlovy Vary Region as well as the last stage of the basic modernization. The visitors of this ceremony could see an interesting documentary summarizing all particular modernization stages and they could view not only the new modern terminal but also the original one, which was completely rebuilt last year to meet the Schengen Agreements requests.On this occasion press releases were made both by the company Airport Karlovy Vary Ltd., the operator of the airport, (see here) and its owner the Karlovy Vary Region (see here).

The photographs of this important event are here.



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