Record output indicators of Karlovy Vary Airport in 2007

19.02.2008, 20:29
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The year 2007 was connected to fulfilment of the first and second stage of the Karlovy Vary Airport Modernisation. After this the airport recorded a rapid growth of traffic output and there were exceeded the historical record of number of dispatched passengers in 1979, at that time was dispatched about 50 000 passengers on domestic lines. In 2007 there were in total 60 445 passengers (without transit passengers) which took use the Karlovy Vary Airport, from that were 47 136 passengers on scheduled flights and 13 309 passengers on non-scheduled flights. There were also registered 4196 transit passengers so the total number of passengers attained the value 64 641 in 2007.

That means the growth about 83% in comparison with the same period of the last year and about 69% in comparison with the year 2005. In this context you should know that Airport was closed in 2006 for nearly three months due to building works. The most passengers were again airlifted on scheduled line Moscow - Karlovy Vary - Moscow by the carriers CSA and Aeroflot. 4058 passengers were dispatched on the new established line of CSA to/from St Petersburg which was inaugurated 30.6.2007.

Even the market of the summer charter flights to popular touristic areas in Mediterranean has begun to develop hopefully. The most favorite destination were already some years offered Monastir (3461 passengers) and then novelties of the last year Antalya (1825 passengers) and Rhodos (1278 passengers). Travel agencies have extended their offers of departures to Hurghada (Egypt) and to Heraklion (Greece) for year 2008.

The International presentation of Skoda called World Dealer Conference took place in Karlovy Vary. This event brought interesting impact of growth of traffic in charter flights at Karlovy Vary Airport. There were dispatched 46 charter flights from all the Europe and nearly 5000 passengers, who took part in mentioned presentation of new model Skoda Fabia during the period from 15.2. to 9.3. 2007.

The number of movements attained the value 6 801 of take-off and landings for the year 2007. That means the growth of this indicator about 33% in comparison with the year 2006. But it means the decrease about 13,5% in comparison with year 2005 (7865 movements) due to successive change of traffic character of the Karlovy Vary Airport, where a proportion of general aviation flights goes down and on the contrary a proportion of business air traffic grows.

The Karlovy Vary Airport expects keeping of the such growing trend at current growing of travel luxury by the fulfilment of the 1st. part of the Reconstruction of existing terminal, which is planned in March 2008. So the airport would become the important place not only for spa visitors but above all for inhabitants of their own catchment area.

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