Airport Characteristics

Airport Type

Airport Karlovy Vary is a civil public transportation airport for international and domestic traffic. It is an airport for regular, irregular and general aviation traffic. During the operational hours of the airport there is a customs and immigration service for passengers and general aviation crew.

Code marking


Allowed traffic type

  • Parachute activity
  • Glider traffic
    • windtowing
    • aerotowing

Local restrictions

  • Take-offs of aircrafts with MTOW over 5700 kg in the daytime and all aircrafts at night must be performed from THR RWY 11/29 with a full engine load.
  • Operational procedures for noise abatement are not published in AIP but it is advisable that aircrafts circling wouldn't overfly, if possible, the vicinity of Olšová Vrata, Kolová and Pila. There are some more restrictions touching aerobatics flights, for more information call Handling +420 353 360 611.

The rules for local air traffic are described in AIP of The Czech Republic, part AD 2-LKKV.

Data about the Airport

Positioning and coordinates of the aerodrome reference point

ARP RWY 11/29

Direction and distance from the town

4,5 km SE Karlovy Vary


1989 ft / 606 m

Reference temperature

21,9 °C (JUN)

MAG VAR / Annual change

+1° E (1992) / +4 MIN

Operational hours of the airport control service

Operational hours of the airport control service which is provided by Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic, s. e, is the same as these of the airport (see operation time). In case of Aeroclub traffic (or LAC traffic) after regular operational hours, the Aeroclub (or LAC) provides AFIS service. The aerospace clasificationis is changed then to E and G and the zone ATZ is applicable - uncontrolled airport.

Seasonal availability

Yearly traffic, the movement areas maintaining is solved in The Airport Plan of The Movement Areas and Roads Winter Maintenace.

Equipment :
  • 2x sweeper - blowers Schoerling
  • 1x snow cutter
  • 1x sweeper truck
  • 1x small snow plough
  • 2x big snow ploughs (6m)
  • 2x chemicals sprinklers
  • 1x chemicals spreader

Obstacles marking and lightening

Nightly and daily according to the directive L-14.

Markers and Signal Ground Equipment

  • Illuminated wind direction marker positioned NE from the apron.
  • Signallling lamp positioned on TWR.

ACL location and elevation

Apron ELEV 1973 ft / 601 m

VOR checkpoints


INS checkpoints


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