Services for passengers and guests

Duty free shops

For our customer there are three duty free shops available in the departure hall, all open at the time of international departures.

Range of Products:
  • cigarettes and cigars
  • alcohol, spirits, wine
  • sweets
  • perfumes
  • small gifts


Aelia Duty Free, a.s.
+420 353 360 635

2T Tutoky, s.r.o.
+420 353 360 638

TG, a.s.
+420 353 360 655


Snack-bar located in the non-Schengen departure hall is open for passengers on all scheduled services operated according to the applicable timetable.

VAT Refund for foreigners

Based of verification of the exported goods by the customs officer the passenger may ask the customs office for confirmation of the bills. The actual VAT refund (VAT) is performed (for flights to countries outside the EU only!) by 2T Tutoky, Ltd., in the departure hall.

Bank, Money Exchange

The branch of European-Russian bank offering banking and money exchange services is located in the public hall and it is open during departures and arrivals times of scheduled services operated according to the applicable timetable.


The ATM machine by Reiffeisen Bank is available in the public hall during the opening hours of the airport.

Internet Access

Our airport offers free WiFi internet access available in the following areas: arrival and departure halls, snack bars and public hall.

Viewing terrace

You may enjoy the possibility of observing the airport activities from our viewing terrace overlooking the apron area, taxiway and runway. Photography for private purposes is not restricted.

Updated: 12.05.2021
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