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06.04.2011, 7:45
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The CEO of Airport Karlovy Vary Ltd, Mr. Vaclav Cerny officially signed a partnership agreement on accession to the Project Champions on 24th February 2011 in Trieste, Italy. The Project focuses on sharing and exchanging experience of the international airports accessibility and it is funded by the Transnational Cooperation Operational Programme for Central Europe. During the international meeting of partner countries basic information about the Karlovy Vary airport was also presented.

The idea of the Champions Project originated two years ago in connection with organizing the European Championship in football in 2012 and its aim is to strengthen the cohesion of the regions in Central Europe by means of better accessibility of the air transport on one hand, and innovative and sustainable solutions for public transport on the other hand.

The project involves 12 partners from Poland, Hungary, Italy, Germany, Ukraine and the Czech Republic, facing similar problems regarding the availability and interoperability of services in the public transport. The project aims to prepare such documents, which would help to improve the accessibility of participating airports, to introduce new air routes and to expand the offer of the public transport services.

Within the framework of the Champions Project development documents for the Karlovy Vary Airport will be prepared, which aim to create a forecast of potential passenger market of the airport, to improve its accessibility and especially to identify possible new routes. These background papers will be used for negotiations on new routes development with potential airlines, however, created documents will contribute not only to the development of the airport, but especially to the development of the entire region and improvement of its transport services.

Within the project, the company will implement the total approved budget amounting to EUR 224000, out of which the financial participation of the Czech partner makes 15%.

The official website of the project is:

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