New airline for the Karlovy Vary Region

22.03.2011, 21:44
| Passenger services (EN)

Regular scheduled services to Karlovy Vary, operated by Ural Airlines, have been launched as of March 22nd, 2011, connecting the Karlovy Vary Region with the capital of the Sverdlovsk Region in the Russian Federation, Yekaterinburg.

Ural Airlines will fly the route on a regular basis every Tuesday at the following times:

Yekaterinburg - Karlovy Vary
Flight U6 739 departs from Yekaterinburg at 15.00 and arrives in Karlovy Vary at 15:35.
Flight time: 4 hours 35 minutes

Karlovy Vary – Yekaterinburg
Flight U6 740 departs from Karlovy Vary at 17:25 and arrives in Yekaterinburg at 1:45 (morning next day).
Flight time: 4 hours 20 minutes

The airline expects high demand for this new service because it is estimated that about one third of al tourists from the Sverdlovsk Region, travelling to the Czech Republic during summer season, visit Karlovy Vary and the Karlovy Vary Region.
Tickets can be purchased through travel agents or directly on the Web site As usual while launching new route, the company offers attractive fares, starting from €299 (plus fees).
Yekaterinburg (Russian Екатеринбу́рг) is the fourth largest city in the Russian Federation with a population of 1,323,000 inhabitants. It is the seat of the Sverdlovsk Region and the Urals Federal District. Between 1924 and 1991, the city was known as Sverdlovsk. 


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