Airport Karlovy Vary - an increase in the number of handled passengers in 2010

27.01.2011, 8:55
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In 2010 the international airport Karlovy Vary handled a total of 70,903 passengers, including the transit ones, of which 68,533 direct terminal passengers were handled. That means 8.4 % more than in 2009.

After the decline in the number of passengers in 2009 (-10.46 %), caused by the economic and financial crisis, the airport traffic statistics began to rise again in the middle of 2010. Although the airport reported a further decrease in the number of passengers of almost 9% at the end of April (because of the cancelled flights due to the volcanic ash and closure of a large part of the European airspace), this loss was almost wiped out at the half-year, and at the end of 2010 there was an increase of 8%.
Dynamism of this latest development and currently running preparation of new routes (Kiev, Ekaterinburg, Vienna) hold promise for further remarkable growth in the number of the registered passengers in 2011.
The traditional Russian clients remain the most important ones in the structure of passengers using the Karlovy Vary airport. On the scheduled flights to Moscow the CSA (35,817) and AEROFLOT (18,232) carried in total 54,049 passengers, which was 10.4% more than in 2009 and at the same time 7.5% more than in the record year 2008.
On the scheduled flights to Saint Petersburg the CSA carried in total 10,352 passengers, which was nearly 7% more than in 2009.
To the contrary there was another fall in the charter season flights to the Mediterranean resorts, where the offer of destinations departing from Karlovy Vary decreased again because of the travel agents? worries about the declining demand due to the economic crisis. There was only one destination offered in 2010 - Turkish Antalya. On the charter flights to Antalya there were 1,447 passengers in 2010, which is nearly the same number as in 2009 (1,448 passengers).
The growing number of passengers on the scheduled and charter flights to the Russian Federation in fact compensated the decline in the charter flights to the Mediterranean resorts.
The number of aircraft movements at the Karlovy Vary Airport, reached 6,936 takings off and landings at the end of 2010. In 2009 it was 7,632 movements at the same period, which means a decrease of more than 9%. This figure was influenced mostly by the decline in the number of general traffic aircrafts movements as well as the training flights.
The number of movements within the business air traffic reached 1,447 takings off and landings in 2010, which is nearly the same number as in 2009 (1,442 commercial movements).

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