The Karlovy Vary Airport slightly increases the number of registered passengers

17.09.2010, 18:56
| The airport (EN)

Mainly on the regular flights to Moscow and Saint Petersburg the international Karlovy Vary Airport registered in total 43,033 passengers (except the transit ones) at 31 August 2010. That means a rise of 1.9 % compared with the same period last year (42,238 passengers). This was achieved even despite the closure of air traffic in April, when the European airspace was shut because of the volcanic powder. This slight rise was the result of higher occupancy of the airplanes on the flights from/to the Russian Federation, which compensated also the fall in the number of the seasonal charter flights passengers to the Mediterranean, where there were the airplanes hired by the travel agencies flying to just one destination, Antalya in Turkey.

4,849 aircraft movements were recorded in total at 31 August 2010, 996 of those were made by the commercial air traffic flights. Exactly the same number 996 commercial air traffic flights were recorded in the monitored period in 2009.The total number of movements in the monitored period in 2009 reached 5,798. This year?s fall in the total number of the aircraft movements was caused particularly by the decrease in the number of general air traffic flights, due to the extremely adverse weather conditions in winter season and the stagnation of the flying schools? activities and the training flights, as well. 

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