Region Karlovy Vary, who has been the owner of The Public International Airport Karlovy Vary since 1 July 2004, is going to perform its large modernization in the first six months of the year 2006. The modernization will be divided into three parts. The main reconstruction target is the runway, lightening system and terminal technical improvement on the level which is usual for EU comparable regional airports and also the improving of air transport safety. The foundation stone for the airport development will be laid down by this reconstruction and by introducing of the new air connections not only for guests and visitors of Karlovy Vary Region but also for its businessmen and inhabitants.

The Airport modernization is divided into three phases. The I. and II. phase investor is The Region Karlovy Vary, the financig of the II. Phase is provided by the company Airport Karlovy Vary Ltd. The implementation of all three above mentioned phases will run up simultaneously. The traffic during the spring will be partly restricted by the RWY shortening and then the RWY will be completely closed from 16 May 2006 till 16 Jun 2006. The traffic opening is planned for 17 Jun 2006.

Short description of particular modernization phases

The I. phase includes the recostruction of the existing RWY in existing dimensions. The last RWY reconstruction proceeded in 1985 and its surface operating life is impoverished. The modernization aim is to improve the RWY strenght (PCN) and by this to enable a safe aircrafts traffic not only for those types which allready fly to Karlovy Vary but also for new modern types with bigger maximum take-off weight (for example Airbus A-321). The recent RWY PCN is not convenient for such aircrafts and no wonder because nobody who contructed it in the 60th would think that in some decades there will be a normal traffic of B737's. During the reconstrucion of the vertical alingment, the RWY's eastern end will be adjusted which is a necessary condition given by air standards for the runway using posibility in the case of the siginficantly lowered visibility. It is also necessary to mention the fact that by the vertical alingment adjustment a higher air safety will be achieved during take-offs and landings and there will be possible to elongate and enlarge the RWY without construction works in the future. The volume of construction works connected with the vertical alingment adjustment can be exemplified on the following facts: the eastern RWY end will be pulled down in the length of 480 m among others and after the embankment building the RWY will be reconstructed but in other dimensions. Eastern reconstructed RWY end will be approximatly about 1.8 m highger than its actual high and the earth volume which is necessary for the embankment building round the RWY end is 36.000m3 (see illustrative photo ofthe whole situation).

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II. phase of the mondernization includes the entire reconstruction of the RWY supporting facilities including the approach line with the flash lightning system and including the complete reconstruction of the entire energetical background of the Airport. The aim of this is to construct the complete RWY 29 CAT I ICAO lightening system which enables landings under much worth weather conditions than nowadays. The airport will get more accessible especially during autumn and winter months when the landing, because even of the relatively high Airport sealevel, is often disabled because of weather conditions and planed flights have to divert to the other airports.

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III. phase of the modernization is attached to the terminal and its execution is divided into two parts. The first part solves inside renewals of the terminal with the respect to the Schengen agreement which should enter into the power on October 2007. There will not occur renewals of the existing building only. Air carriers, The CSA namely, implement new types of aircrafts and so we expect higher passenger numbers on new air connections. The reconstruction will be appended in the 2. part by the construction of a completely new terminal building with comfort and modern areas for passengers and services. The new terminal building construction launching is supposed to be in the frame of the 2. part of the III. Modernization Phase in the spring 2007 and with the finalization in the same year autumn (see photo).

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The architectural rendering author: Ing. arch. Petr Parolek, Ph.D., PAROLLI, s.r.o.


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