Modernization of Karlovy Vary Airport - I. and II. Stage

18.07.2006, 23:03
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The recostruction of the runway was accomplished during the I. stage of Karlovy Vary Airport modernization. Construction works started 1. November 2005. The aim of the project was the improvement of PCN and the adjustement of the RWY in the longitudinal axis because of the air traffic safety increase.

There was filled up to grade one end of the RWY (in the length of 476 m), furthermore new subgrade beds and also a complete asphalt assembly of final asphaltic beds were realized in this RWY part. There was completely renewed asphaltic cover surface on the rest of the RWY. The RWY was equiped by a new horizontal marking according to new regulations. By the reconstruction the operating life of the RWY was extended by 20 years. The RWY was reconstructed because of expected increase of air traffic and to enable landings to aicrcrafts with higher capacity.

Total costs: 113.099.973.- CZK

European Regional Development Fund granted 33.679.244 CZK
Karlovy Vary Region invests 79 420.729.- CZK 

 The European Union participates in cofinancig of the project 'Modernization of Karlovy Vary Airport - I. Stage' through the subsidy granted from ERDF. The subsidy was granted through the Operating Programme Infrastructure, Appliance 1.3 - Modernization of civil airports of overregional importance

The reconstruction was accomplished in the term according to the agreement. 'It is necessary to stress that the original term of finalization - 17. 7. - was reduced about cca theree weeks at 24. 6. 2006. The change was caused by the decison of the Office for Civil Aviation which decided to close air traffic earlier than originaly supposed', said Mr. Pavel, the Head of the Region. 

  The project 'Modernization of Karlovy Vary Airport - II. Stage' started by the removal of some markers 1. February 2006.

The aim of the project was to reconstruct the lighting system which would fulfil regulations of the ICAO I. cathegory which enables landings under bad visibility. 

The construction started 28. 3. 2006 and was finalized in the term according to the agreement with the contractor by signing the protocol about the handover of the completed construction. 

The original term of the finalization was set on 16. June 2006 but with the regard to the need to solve additional requests of the CAA during the construction the term was advanced about 10 days. 

One part of the construction was also a complete check of the new lighting system with the participation of CAA inspectors. The approval will proceed 10. July 2007 and to this date the whole system will be started up. 


The investor of the project the company Airport Karlovy Vary Ltd asked for a grant from ERDF. This grant was granted to the company in the amount of 16.648.627.- CZK in the frame of the Comunity Iniciative INTERREG III A Czech Republic - Free State Bavaria. The whole project costs were set on 33.297.254.- CZK without VAT. The residual cost were covered by credit from Commercial Bank Inc. 

  'The project has a considerable overborder impact. The Bavarian partner of the project is the company Flughafen Hof-Plauen GmbH&Co KG. \'In the frame of the cooperation with Hof the implementation of the regular flight Hof- Karlovy Vary - Munich is prepared and also the prolongation of the actual connection Hof-Frankfurt to Karlovy Vary is discussed.' explains Jan Zborník, the I. vice head of the Region. 

The main target of the project is a complete reconstruction of the RWY lighting system incl. the construction of a new 900 m long approach system of high luminosity with flash system and also the modernization of the energetic background of the Airport. 

The costruction was accomplished by the company Fleck-CS Electroengineering Ltd., which was chosen for this construction according to a tender about public contracts. Total costs were 37.382.216.- CZK inc. VAT. 

The RWY has been in the regime of the early use since 28. 5. 2006 and the final building approval of the I. and II. Stage will take part coincidently 10. 7. 2006.

Modernization of the Karlovy Vary Airport will be caped off by the III. Stage
, which has two parts. First of all the existing terminal will be reconstructed. The reason is the impletion of Schengen Agreements. The second part of the III. Stage is the construction of a new terminal because of the improvement of services provided to pasengers. 

Karlovy Vary Region presented an application about a grant for the I. part. Nowadays the judging of the application in Buruxelles is in process. The tender could be in the third quarter of this year, the existing terminal should be reconstructed in 2007. In the following years the new terminal is considered to be built. One of the financing sources should be a new Operating Programme Infrastructure for The Czech Republic for the period 2007 - 2013, whose measures are only prepared. 

Photos : J. Blazek

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