To the term of planned restoration of air traffic it only remains 8 days

18.05.2006, 22:00
| The airport (EN)

Current information to work flow:

  • the fulfilment of the demolition of RWY (asphalt surfaces, concrete surfaces and constructional layers) on stationing 1674 m is fulfilled at 100 %, the mound of the slope is effected at 90 %, the drainage (drainage are leid in 1450 rm of the section at the northern strip, at the southern strip about 1487 m ) are effected at 100%, the removal of old mangers is completed at 100 %, the assembly of slotted mangers effected at 100 % , current surfaces of RWY paring is effected at 100%, laying of the ABH asphalt mixtures is effected at 90%, the ABS mixtures at 45% and the OK mixtures at 98%, the crusher-run material is effected at 100% and the KSC layer at 100%
  • laying of asphalt layers on the RWY will be completed till 20.5.2006 and the grading protective of RWY strip and the fulfilment of horizontal RWY marking and the check of skid friction of the new surface will be effected subsequently
  • the ground check of RWY is planned on 24.5.2006 with participation of Inspectors of Civil Aviation Authority of Czech Republic (CAA CR)
  • the local investigation is planned on 25.5.2006. It will be effected by the building office of CAA in terms of action to premature usage of the construction
  • the restoration of the airport operating is planned on Saturday 27.5.2006 from 8 a.m.

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