Press news : Airport Karlovy Vary started the II. stage of modernization.

12.04.2006, 20:53
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The project "Modernization of Karlovy Vary Airport follows the I. stage of the modernization and includes the reconstruction of the airport lighting system which is one of the most important activities from the point of wiew of the reinsurance of the yearly airport availability and for the improvement of provided services and air traffic safety. 

In February the contractor overtook the building area and carried out first operations (the removal of some markers). The main operations started 28. 3. 2006. 

 The completion of the constructional part of the project "Modernization of Karlovy Vary Airport - II. stage" was assessed on 16.6. 2006. 

The investor of the project Airport Karlovy Vary Ltd, whose sole owner is Karlovy Vary Region, asked for a contribution for the project the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). This contribution was granted in the amount of 16.648.627.- CZK (50% of costs) in the frame of the Community Initiative INTERREG III and Czech Republic - Free State Bavaria. Total costs were assessed on 33.297.254 CZK without VAT. 

 "This project has an appreciable over-border impact ; the partner for this project is the company Flughafen Hof-Plauen GmbH&Co KG. In the frame of the cooperation with the airport in Hof the installation of the regular air connection Hof-Karlovy Vary - Munich is prepared for the II. half year of this year and also the posibility of the extension of the allready existing connection Hof - Frankfurt till Karlovy Vary is concerned." said Mr. Jan Zborník, the first deputy of the head of the Region. 

The waypoint Munich has an essential importace for both airports in the posibility of the connection to the important hub in the frame of central Europe. The creation of the considered connection performs for both regions - Hof and Karlovy Vary - an important step in the fulfilment of programme aims of the european coherence development in region linking to the european net and in the posibility of realization of over-border contacts. Long-term over-border cooperation is going to ameliorate the co-operation not only of both partners and their founders but also of other public and private partners who will derve benefit from issues of the project. 

The main aim of the project is a total reconstruction of the lighting system of the RWY including the construction of the new, 900 m long, approach lighting system with the high luminosity flesh system and also the modernization of the energetic section of the airport. 

The objective of the project is the instalation of the lighting system which fulfils the conditions of the I. ICAO category, which is a standard at the similar regional EU airports and which enables the landing under significantly worse weather conditions than nowdays. 

The construction si provided by the company Fleck-CS Electroengineering Ltd which was chosen for the realisation of this public contract upon the tender in accordance with the law No. 40/2004 of the Collection about tenders.

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