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12.04.2006, 20:33
| The airport (EN)

Karlovy Vary 23.3.2006 The negotiations among the Karlovy Vary Region, the airport operator and the constructor of the RWY reconstruction in the frame of the project "Modernization of Karlovy Vary Airport - I. Stage" were finished to the present day. 

With regard to the actual development of the situation and unplanned closure of the airport was made an agreement about keeping the existing closure and construction acceleration. The original term for the construction work completion in connection to the airport closure changes from 16.6.2006 to 26. 5.2006 and the air traffic recovery is planned for 27.5.2006. It is the final and from the constructor part binding term. We thank to all who were touched by this constraints for their cooperation and understanding of this situation. We apologize for all complications and problems which occured to you in connection with the unplanned closure of the airport and by the change of originally announced terms of closure of the traffic. 

Ing. Vaclav Cerny, Airport Director

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