Check-in and Security

Check-in time

It is necessary to appear at the check-in at least 2 hours 30 minutes before the departure (scheduled flights) or 2 hours before the departure (irregular flights).

Ill and disabled passengers

The carriage of ill and heavily disabled passengers must be arranged in advance and confirmed by the carrier. In special cases the carrier is allowed to ask for the medical certificate.

Pregnant Women

In case of the carriage of a pregnant woman it is necessary to present the medical certificate saying that the woman is able to travel by air. After 34th week of pregnancy the carriage is at the woman's and child's own risk and the carrier renounces any liability.

Passports, visas and other documents

Air carriers and travel agencies will give advice to the passengers about these documents with pleasure, nevertheless the carrier doesn't bear any responsibility for these documents. It is not possible to accept a passenger to the transportation without proper documents stated for the country of departure, transit, transfer or arrival.


Each piece of baggage must carry an identification tag with the name and address of the passenger. Baggage and zippers must be locked. Except things mentioned bellow all baggage underlie to a weight and dimensional limit, in a case of exceeding a fee is charged. Items free of charge: small ladies purse, coat, umbrella or walking stick, scarf or plaid, camera or movie camera, binoculars, baby food during the flight, crutches, orthopedic device and fully collapsible wheel chair for disabled persons.
We recommend to the passengers strongly to keep this rule and reduce the number of cabin bags.

Following things must not be in the passenger cabin:

Furthermore there must not be things which are marked by security control as dangerous and which could threaten the security both passengers and crew.

Following things cannot be carried neither on the board of the aircraft nor in the baggage space :

Security Measures for the carriage of liquids in cabin (unchecked) baggage

Pursuant to European Commission regulation no.1546/2006 and AEA (Association of European Airlines) and ACI-Europe (Airports Council International - Europe) regulations, the carriage of liquids in cabin (unchecked) baggage is prohibited at all European airports in the EU, Norway, Iceland and Switzerland.

Details and instructions:

opatreniEN.pdf (67 kB) - English language
opatreniRU.pdf (117 kB) - Russian language

Mobile phones

Due to safety reasons it is forbidden to use mobile phones on aircrafts board. Prior entering the aircraft it is necessary to switch them off and not to use during the whole flight.

Conditionally carried items

Due to safety reasons some items or materials of dangerous character can be carried as a goods only and under special conditions:

  • compressed gases (flamable, inflamable)
  • all kinds of inflammables
  • corrosives
  • explosives (incl. ammunition)
  • oxidants
  • magnetic, radioactive, infectious and other substances
  • poisons
Updated: 12.05.2021
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