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Karlovy Vary airport's new terminal opened

02.12.2009, 11:13
| The airport (EN)

On 20 May 2009 in attendance of the Regional President PaedDr. Josef Novotny and the Czech Deputy Minister of Transport Ing. Ivo Vykydal a new terminal at the Karlovy Vary airport was opened ceremonially by cutting the tape ...

Building of the new terminal has crowned the Karlovy Vary Airport's modernization

26.11.2009, 7:00
| The airport (EN)

Since 2005 the international airport in Karlovy Vary has undergone three stages of modernization. After the complete reconstruction of the lighting system and runway the present terminal building was rebuilt to meet the requirements after the Czech Republic's joining the Schengen agreements. The second part of the 3rd stage was finished by opening the new really modern terminal. ...

The ceremonial completing of the project "Modernization of the Airport Karlovy Vary - stage 3, 2nd part - Construction of the new terminal building"

08.11.2009, 15:21
| The airport (EN)

The Karlovy Vary Airport has been owned by the Karlovy Vary Region for about 5 years. By completing the 3rd stage of its modernization the preparation and execution part of the basic airport infrastructure modernization has been finished with the total cost of about CZK 300 million. Over a half of this amount was contributed by the EU from their development funds and the Norwegian financial mechanisms as well. The Karlovy Vary Region invested about CZK 130 million and another investor was the company Airport Karlovy Vary s.r.o., as the airport's operator. ...

Press Release of Karlovy Vary Regional Authorities: Completion of the construction "Modernization of Karlovy Vary Airport - Stage III"

29.05.2008, 19:15
| The airport (EN)

Press Release of Karlovy Vary Regional Authorities: Completion of the construction "Modernization of Karlovy Vary Airport - Stage III"  Part I - Adapting of the existing air terminal to comply with the Schengen conventions ...

Record output indicators of Karlovy Vary Airport in 2007

19.02.2008, 20:29
| The airport (EN)

The year 2007 was connected to fulfilment of the first and second stage of the Karlovy Vary Airport Modernisation. After this the airport recorded a rapid growth of traffic output and there were exceeded the historical record of number of dispatched passengers in 1979, at that time was dispatched about 50 000 passengers on domestic lines. In 2007 there were in total 60 445 passengers ...

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