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The Karlovy Vary Airport slightly increases the number of registered passengers

17.09.2010, 18:56
| The airport (EN)

Mainly on the regular flights to Moscow and Saint Petersburg the international Karlovy Vary Airport registered in total 43,033 passengers (except the transit ones) at 31 August 2010. That means a rise of 1.9 % compared with the same period last year (42,238 passengers). ...

The Karlovy Vary Airport helps in the areas affected by floods

17.09.2010, 18:50
| The airport (EN)

The company Karlovy Vary Airport Ltd. gave CZK 40,000 to the areas affected by the devastating August?s floods. This ammount of money was sent to the account of the public gathering called by the Region Karlovy Vary. Also the company?s staff helped immediately, when they bought packed water and cleaning equipment, and handed them to the Czech Red Cross in Karlovy Vary, which ensured the actual distribution to the affected areas. ...

New financial services at the airport

17.09.2010, 18:48
| Passenger services (EN)

A Raiffeisenbank, Inc. automatic teller machine is now available to all the airport users as well as to the public during the airport’s operation time.

At the airport there is also an Exchange Office of the European-Russian Bank, Inc. open during the scheduled flights. 

Operating outputs of the Airport Karlovy Vary in 2009

04.03.2010, 20:44
| The airport (EN)

The impact of the global economic and financial crisis proved in the operation of the Karlovy Vary Airport in the 2nd half of 2009. When at the end of May the airport reported an increase in the number of passengers of nearly 5%, at the end of the year there was a decrease of 10%. So last year the Karlovy Vary Airport registered in total 68 369 passengers, among those there were 63,231 direct terminal passengers, which is 10.46% less than in 2008. ...

Operating outputs of the Airport Karlovy Vary in 2008

02.12.2009, 21:32
| The airport (EN)

Last year the Airport Karlovy Vary achieved another hopeful increase in the number of passengers and so a new record in this operating indicator as well. In 2008 70,620 passengers were checked-in at the completely reconstructed terminal, adjusted to meet the Schengen Agreements. Compared to 2007 there was a rise of 16.8 % (indication without the transit passengers), e.g. 61,036 passengers on the scheduled flights and 9,584 passengers within irregular traffic (mostly charter flights for the travel agencies). The airport also registered 11,100 transit passengers, so the total number of passengers reached 81,720, which means a rise of 26.4 % compared to 2007. ...

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